Scene Study & Improvisation

Ellen offers classes for Adults in Scene Study and Improvisation

Adult Improvisation for Fun, Stress Busting & Skill Building

Individuals, Corporate and Business Teams & Senior Centers

Give yourself permission to play! By learning the skills of improvisational theater you will gain confidence in your abilities to speak and perform in front of others while stretching your “imagination muscles.” You’ll discover that laughter really is the best medicine.



GREAT NEW LOCATION:  Abbott House, 100 North Broadway, Irvington, NY


Remaining Dates for Fall 2015:  October 13, 20, 27;  November 3, 10, 17,24;  December 1, 8, 15 (make-up)



“Every human being should be required to take improv classes.  And I think they should take them from Ellen Flaks!”  

                               – Taylor Williamson, 2013 2nd Place Winner of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT

“It’s almost 10 years since my first encounter with Ellen and her incredible IMPROV class. I tried other options to gain more confidence in my public speaking but it was not until Ellen’s class that I was able to overcome my trepidation. Much to my surprise, IMPROV also enhanced many more aspects of my life – Ellen’s class delivers an incredible amount of joy through humor and everlasting friendships.  Earlier this year, based on my recommendation, my company hired Ellen to perform a 1 day workshop. The group was a diverse global team – meeting for the first time  – our challenge was to bring the group together quickly so I suggested IMPROV because it’s an amazing ice breaker. IMPROV is an excellent/creative approach to team building – it’s fun and it delivers immediate results enabling interactive communication and laughter.   With Ellen leading the group, we succeeded beyond expectation.To this day, we continue to laugh about our IMPROV experience.” – Carol Raymond, Global Business Process Liaison – Ciba International, Tarrytown, NY

“Your improv classes have changed my life! Forget how much they have helped me with public speaking (which is a significant aspect of my work), they are simply a blast. You establish such a warm and supportive environment and yet always seem to know when and how to nudge us to take more risks, push ourselves to more creative heights, and challenge convention. I’ve learned a lot about leading, managing a group, developing people, generosity, and so much more, just by watching you work. I’ve also had some of the finest, funniest, most outrageous, most soul-satisfying moments of my life in your classes, working, playing and connecting with the great people you bring together. Thank you for being in my life, for your improv classes, and for everything you are.” – Tina K., Irvington, NY

“I am senior systems project manager within financial services. The dynamics inherent in improv acting have enhanced my effectiveness in presentations, meetings, and personal communications. I listen with more discernment and respond with more confidence and positive thinking. I’ve developed more confidence communicating with different types of people and audiences.” -John Xenakis.

“Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the class last night. I have been ,for most of my life, a very introverted, serious person. To add to that, my personal life is so stressful that to be able to ‘let go,’ act silly, do what comes to mind rather than stifle and freeze etc. etc…. Suffice to say that last night was a breath of fresh air. So thanks- you are just what I needed.” -Christine M.

“Thank YOU for all you’ve done to make all this happen for me now. Believe me, without all your insight into acting and how to “let loose” on stage–whether improvising or rehearsing a scene–I wouldn’t be anywhere near this production now. Thank you so much for ‘setting the stage’ for me.” – Ed Decker, Irvington, NY

“I have been taking improv classes with Ellen Flaks for eight years now. Improv has been and is my medicine, it keeps me going. Ellen is a pro at teaching improv and I have learned so much! It is extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. Improv has helped me tremendously both in my professional life as a Sales Executive in the corporate world and in my personal life. Improv has helped me to be more positive and spontaneous in my communications with others. It has sharpened my listening and presentation skills. It has also reduced stress, boosted my confidence and has made me a stronger team player at work.” – Joe Gunn, White Plains, NY.

“As my second session of Improv class with you draws to an end, I want to take the opportunity to tell you how much I’ve valued the classes and the way you conduct them. Your style of teaching accommodates all perspectives and levels of experience among your students. You engage us in acting games and scenarios that encourage us to stretch and discover our interests and talents – while having fun. You instruct us as a group, but based on your observations, also give us individual support. I can’t say enough about how easy and fun your classes are. I look forward to having more fun and developing my skills. Thanks!” – Barb Harville, Irvington, NY.

“I have been attending Ellen Flaks’s improv group for years. It has truly helped me in my awareness and spontaneity in creating a memorable scene. Her approach is friendly and supportive, along with imparting a good degree of knowledge of what “works” and what doesn’t while performing. The atmosphere in class is very positive with all levels of accomplishment from those in attendance. I also find her class to be both liberating and relaxing.” Neil Lavey, Dobbs Ferry, NY


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