Private Audition Coaching

Private Audition Coaching

for Kids and Adults

If you are looking to hone your auditioning or acting skills so you get that exciting part in the next show, or if your kid is vying for a spot in a competitive performing arts school, I can help.

Private audition coaching for kids or adults involves finding the right material or monologue, building confidence, improving projection and diction, and empowering your true character to shine through.


“I am writing this letter to recommended Ellen Flaks as an acting coach. My children have been taking acting lessons from Ellen for the past four years. They have always loved her creativity and energy. When my son was auditioning for a summer acting program it was, therefore, the natural choice to ask Ellen to coach him for his audition. Ellen’s help was invaluable. Not only did she help him find his creative voice for the monologue selected. But she enhanced his confidence and comfort on the stage. I would highly recommend Ellen as an acting coach.” – -Sara Richmond, New Rochelle, NY


“…I feel her teaching has also given me the confidence to peruse projects on the highest professional level. I recently landed a non- speaking part with Joan Rivers for the IFC channel. I can honestly say that my newly honed improv skills GREATLY helped me with this role. I hope it’s the first of many to come….! -Neil Lavey, Dobbs Ferry, NY


I approached Ellen Flaks to see if she was available to help my daughter prepare for a theater talent audition for the Mark Twain Middle School for the Talented and Gifted.  Valerie had taken an Improv Theatre class with Ellen at her Elementary school prior to this audition   I knew Valerie was both comfortable with Ellen and had very much enjoyed her class.  Ellen agreed to be Valerie’s coach and scheduled to meet us a couple of times a week until the audition date.  She provided Valerie with an appropriate dramatic piece and helped her prepare it.  She also helped Valerie prepare the piece the school provided.   We could have never been as ready for the audition without Ellen”s help.  She had loads of good advice not only for the acting but also on what to wear to make a good impression and for the night before and the day of jitters.  Ellen was instrumental in Valerie’s preparedness for the audition and acceptance into her competitive school. – Susan Godfrey, Pelham, NY


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